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"Digital Marketing Masterclass Modules"

Website Development

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

UI/UX Design

SEO Expert

Android Development


Digital Marketing Masterclass is a program of 5 Online Courses that will walk you through the Digital Marketing Domain that includes Design, Marketing Basics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads & LinkedIn Growth to get more work opportunities.

Everything is precisely to the point & you’ll get to learn it all as fast as humanly possible!


who are looking to start working online or kickstart their professional career ASAP.

Marketing Professionals

who are looking to be the best at what they do & up skill themselves in marketing.

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

who are looking to growth their business through social media & digital marketing.

Anyone looking to switch their career

to find better career domains & have a valuable skillset

Aspiring Freelancers

looking for a solid skill set to work online from the comfort of their home.

Digital Horizon

Anyone who wants to learn more about social media & the crazy opportunities.

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My Story Isn't Different Than Yours

Struggle pays off. I have heard it but never thought I would face it like this! 

I belong to a less privileged city in Punjab that’s Jhang & had to move out for better education to Lahore & then Islamabad.

No one actually ever thought that someone like me would be delivering talks at the most prestigious institutes in the country, working with one of the biggest names in Pakistan & America, inspiring thousands of fellows on social media with a following of over 25,000 & a lot more to share & be grateful for.

In a nutshell, Digital Marketing & Social Media literally changed my life in the last 4-5 years and of so many around me, I went from being a nobody to someone people look up to.

– Alhamdulillah!

So, I genuinely want to empower you with the same skill set that has been life-changing for me & for that, I’ve recorded everything that I have learned in the last 4-5 years just so that you don’t need to waste your valuable time on useless stuff.

Get Ready To Take The Action!


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